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Dollar Non˘ents makes a compelling case that our system of money creates an economy of perpetual debt and large-scale theft. It is perpetual because the money itself is debt. It creates large-scale theft because some people receive something for nothing. Since there is no free lunch in this world, that means someone else paid for it and received nothing in return. Much of the evidence on which this case is based comes from an analysis of primary source documents: the congressional record, the publications of the Federal Reserve Corporation (yes, it’s a corporation and no, you can’t buy stock in this sweet deal as it’s not publicly traded), the Federal Reserve Notes themselves, and the coins which used to be used in these United States as money. We invite you to investigate for yourself the primary documentation which is on the various links above. We’d like to think that, after a careful examination of this evidence, a reasonable person can’t help but come to any other conclusion. Of course we realize this won’t happen. But we do invite your comments in any case. You can leave them at the Dollar Noncents blog. 


Most importantly, Dollar Noncents shows why we are where we are, what needs to change, and what you can do about it. The answer will surely surprise you!


For the skeptical
Find it hard to believe there could be large-scale theft in our society?

In a society where it is legal to... 

  • Murder unborn children

  • Commit adultery and sodomy

  • Blaspheme the name of God

  • Break the Sabbath

And illegal to …

  • Spank rebellious children

  • Publicly acknowledge God



Is it any surprise to find out that theft by certain people is also legal?

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